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We offer a broad range/number of new/refurbished apartments in many parts the country. Our dedicated team of marketing and skilled tem of agents will always be at your doorstep to deliver you the best you desire.

Call is a civil construction or real estate construction or a steel structure, architectural design precedes all in term of design and durability. We are proud to offer an internationally reputed team of Architectural & Civil Engineering Consultants who are capable of delivering efficient designs and advice.

Civil construction is all about designing, constructing and maintaining the physical and naturally built environment. We know the art of building bridges, dams, roads, airports, canals, and buildings. Our expert team of civil engineers are vastly experienced for managing the construction projects. They are capable of transforming the structural design into a reality whether it is a transport project, a water or sewerage system project or anything. They plan, design and then test the structures before they are ready to be used by the public which are economical, safe and environmentally stable.

We help all our clients to avail loan from the reputed housing financers of Bangladesh. With special MOUs, we have a very good corporate relationship with the financers only to help our valued clients to smoothly process their applications. We are enlisted with the following organizations for Home-Loan facilities:

  1. Delta Brac Housing (DBH) Finance Corporation Limited
  2. IDLC Bangladesh Limited
  3. National Housing Finance Corporation Limited
  4. Standard Charted Bank Limited
  5. Mutual Trust Bank Limited
  6. Dutch- Bangla Bank Limited
  7. Dhaka Bank Limited
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